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Blog by Doris Gee & Phil Moore | November 14th, 2006


Just because it's winter time doesn't mean that we shouldn't stage our listings.  In the

winter simple changes can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of a home.  The

following is an excerpt, reprinted with permission, from an email newsletter that I receive from

Karyn Elliot, the owner of Albertine Design, an interior design firm that specializes in "making

the most of what you already have by organizing, rearranging and transforming your spaces

resulting in enhanced and harmonious living.






Selling a home during the winter months need not be a challenge. A pristine blanket of pure white can be a more attractive setting for your home than the still-barren trees and debris that characterizes April.  There are lots of simple things you can do to enhance curb appeal to turn a drive by or Internet photo of your home into a showing appointment.


There should be something to catch our attention at this time of year, something to gladden our hearts and put a twinkle in our eyes.  This is especially important if the house is white or a light colour as it can appear cold and uninviting or even ‘lost’ in the snow.  Because of this, it becomes even more important to add some colour accents.  You need something attractive that says, “Hey, look at me.” 

And when that happens, buyers will take noticeImagination, not a lot of money, is the key. 


v    Cure ugly mailbox syndrome.
Oddly enough, it is the humble mailbox that often creates that first impression of a home. It can extend guests a welcoming visual invitation or give them the cold shoulder. Even the mail carrier can be tempted to pass by a nondescript mailbox without stopping.


v      Learn to play the numbers.
Blending utility with personality, house numbers don't just give buyers the address;

      they also make a big curb appeal statement if chosen well.


v    A window-full feeling

Fill window boxes with a lush arrangement of evergreens.

Add items such as grasses, curly willow, pomegranates or dried berries.

If you don’t have window boxes, they are easy to install on brackets and dress the facade of your house immediately.  To ensure pleasing proportions choose boxes that are slightly wider than windowsills.


v      Wreath welcome

 Hang a seasonal wreath or decorate a twig wreath with mittens and a scarf for a   warm, fuzzy feeling. Or wrap a bevy of feather boas around a twig or foam wreath.


v      Oh,evergreen…

Adorn balconies, trellises, or pillars with fresh evergreen garlands available at florist or garden centres.  Thread tiny white holiday lights through  the garlands and wire on large pinecones or bright clusters of berries.


v      DramaticEntrance

Flank a pair of garden urns on either side of the front door.

Fill with cedar or pine branches and accent with red dogwood branches to make a dramatic woodsy arrangement.


v      Sound- sation

           Mount a wind chime outside the front entry to greet buyers with soothing tones.


v      Cut the Kitsch

Excess ornaments can make yards look busy. Well- designed statuary, gazing balls, birdhouses, fountains, and urns do, however, provide detail and interest during the colder months.

               Excerpt from Home Staging in 5 Easy Acts available at www.homestagers.ca