Change of Address List when Moving

The easiest way to ensure you don't miss any mail is to complete a change of address form and submit it to the Canada Post 2-4 weeks prior to moving.

However, you still need to change your address with anyone who sends you physical mail!

Here's a good list to get you started, of some of the companies to remember to notify of your change of address:

- Canada Revenue Agency
(note that CRA mail generally does not get forwarded through Canada Post, so do notify them sooner than later)
- Terasen Gas
- BC Hydro
- Internet company
- Cable company
- Satellite company
- Phone company
- Cell phone company
- Newspaper
- Financial institutions
- Financial advisor
- Insurance advisor
- Work (pay stubs/T4s)
- School(s)
- Visa/MasterCard

What have we missed? Let us know if we should add to this list!