Expo Line
SkyTrain's Expo Line trains operate from Waterfront to King George Station. The line runs along a scenic 28 kilometer track from Vancouver to Burnaby, New Westminster, and Surrey in just 39 minutes. There are currently 20 stations along this route. Four downtown stations are underground and marked at street level. The other 16 are elevated and visible from the street.

Millennium Line
Millennium Line trains make the same stops from Waterfront to Columbia, before branching to Sapperton, Braid, Lougheed Town Centre and beyond to Commercial Drive, adjacent to the existing Broadway Station.

Evergreen Line
Originally scheduled to open in early 2017, builders of the Evergreen Line are now reporitng that the new skytrain line will be operational before Christmas 2016!

SeaBus at Waterfront Station
SkyTrain links with a network of buses at many stations and with SeaBus at Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver. Daily service is provided every three to five minutes.

The next generation of SkyTrain vehicles
The next generation of SkyTrain vehicles, the Mark II cars, are longer, wider and have more leg room than the older Mark I cars. They are comfortably upholstered, climate controlled and have three wide pairs of doors for faster passenger loading and unloading. A flexible gangway allows observation and movement between the cars. New Mark II cars run on both the Expo and Millennium SkyTrain lines, along side the 150 Mark I cars already in service.

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